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"small silhouette & high appeal"
The smallest in the series of wobble shad, which feature is strong wobbling.Small, but appeals greatly to the target by its smart tail action.
The small silhouette promises incredible bites in tough condition.
Shrimp & Fish flavored, and salt added for high density. A must-have to catch one more in a last minute.

力強いウォブリングが特徴のwobble shadシリーズの中でもwobble shad2" は小さなシルエットながらも小気味良いテールアクションで強く魚にアピールします。このシリーズ共通のエビ・ベイトフィッシュのフレーバー入りマテリアルを採用。さらにソルト混入で高比重。
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